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About me :

Curriculum Vitae

Alaa T. Badarneh

Al- Qaser Hotel

Room No. 504

P.O Box 1524


Fax :      +97092385944

Mobile :  +97059 9207635

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E-mail :   [email protected]

Personnel Information

Alaa T. Raja Badarneh Nationality: Palestinian Date of birth: 24 Jan. 1971 Place of birth: Yabad – Jenin Residency: Nablus City Martial Status: Single


1989 – 1991
High Diploma
Programmer and System Analyst
Iben-Kholdon Collage, Irbid – Jordan

Work Experience

Photographer in West Bank   

2003/until now
(EPA) European press photo Agency
During this period, I was involved as free lancer Assistant Producer for so many documentary films and stories with many of the international agencies and newspapers

1997/until now   

Programs Manager

Radio Tareq Al Mahaba

Reporter and Journalist in Nablus City

Developed and presented so many radio shows and programmes on different political, social and art subjects.

2002 – 2004
Al-Quds Al-Arabi Newspaper/ London

Writer for short stories on the Palestinian situation in General and the Intifada in Specific..

Training Courses

2001, organised by Journalist without Boarders in Nablus City, on the preparation of Documentary Stories.

2003, organized by Reuters Agency in Amman – Jordan

on the Protection methods from chemical weapons

Professional memberships

Active member since 1997 in the International Organisation of Journalists.


Arabic: Mother Language

English: Very good (Reading , writing and speaking)


*Participating in some of the picture fairs on the national and international levels. and some of the seminars at national universities in the related fields.

*Lecturing on photographing with Save Children Foundation during a training programme .

*Alaa Room in Anis On Line ( Germany) http://www.anis-online.de/1/rooms/_index.htm

*Palestinian Daily life under occupation – (Germany)

*With Arab Photographers Union (Jordan)

*By Zajel Programme (Holland )

*With Arab Photographers (Dubai)

*Hisham Hijawi college ( Nablus)

*Bernmgham University– (England)

*Istanbul Slide show days

*USA Universities by FFIPP

The winner of  The Tom Hurndall Photojournalism Prize By Qattan Foundation – 2005 – www.qattanfoundation.org